Grudgingly [adverb]

Definition of Grudgingly:

under protest

Synonyms of Grudgingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grudgingly:


Sentence/Example of Grudgingly:

Domestically, a grudging tolerance for opposition and protest has been all but abandoned, while internationally, the Kremlin is taking particularly sharp aim at the United States ahead of the change of administration next month.

His abilities the most intolerant Tories were forced grudgingly to acknowledge.

"He lemme go at the head of the valley and give me this hoss to git here," the boy grudgingly explained.

Then, grudgingly, it rumbled over the puncheon floor until Cooper set the four chocks back under the wheels.

A crusty, suspicious old fellow let us grudgingly in, locked the door, and made the same protests.

The hour before tea (not afternoon tea, but the solid evening meal) was grudgingly conceded to us.

Let each man do according as he hath purposed in his heart; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

I had been going through her letter grudgingly, as if the turning of every leaf should bring the end near.

The good offices of an uncle were invoked on his behalf, and somewhat grudgingly given.

Donald Cameron was made of the stuff that gives confidence and appreciation grudgingly.