Grumbled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Grumbled:

He bitterly opposed the idea of an assault, and he grumbled at being kept before the position.

As there are only three sets of head phones,” 50 grumbled Burd, “one of us is bound to be a step-child.

"We'll be blamed lucky if we don't run into a prairie-fire before mornin'," Piegan grumbled.

"A newspaper would be something to while away one's time, or a book," grumbled Hartledon.

Jacob Worse had nothing to say in answer to this speech, he only grumbled, and rubbed his hands across his stomach.

"You aren't very complimentary to us," Frank grumbled, as he hunched himself over the wheel of Mollie's car.

"Oh bother," grumbled Mollie, as after their breakfast she gloomily surveyed the landscape from the cretonne-curtained window.

The baron grumbled some remonstrance not heard by Gilbert, but the lackey mounted beside the driver.

She grumbled at the expense of his government, but in the end seldom refused to give him nearly as much money as he asked for.

"Troubles never come single, they come in bunches," grumbled Potter as he complied.