Grumbler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Grumbler:

However, I have not served my king fifty years to turn grumbler at this time of life.

Warrington, the grumbler, growled out that Pen was becoming such a puppy, that soon there would be no bearing him.

Stacy Brown proved the only grumbler in the lot, declaring that he could not sleep a wink on such a bed as that.

"But we haven't got a tent, and our grub is pretty skimpy, say what you will," the grumbler went on to protest.

And thus it went on in a circle without means of stopping the old grumbler.

It was with a good deal of difficulty that we got old Jaaf up again; for, though a famous grumbler, he was not much of an orator.

Dr. Kirsten, it would appear, is either a natural and habitual grumbler, or a paid hireling.

The grumbler grows to be a pessimist; he says disagreeable things; he makes his friends feel ill at ease.

She lost interest in the "Grumbler," and I am afraid her mind wandered as she read aloud.

She became an austere grumbler, forever pricking her sweet-tempered lord with a tireless little bodkin of reproach.