Grumbling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Grumbling:

This is before my wife comes in and hijacks the radio to listen to the Rai 1 news bulletin, which always sets off grumbles about the Conte government.

In spite of this there was no grumbling, and the men, as their general reported, pressed on with cries of "Vive la Rpublique!"

Meanwhile, both the disciples of Somers and the disciples of Trenchard were grumbling at Harley's resolution.

The owner of the slippers was folding the robe and laying it over the rail, and grumbling to himself all the while.

That was all the comfort she gave Norman, and she walked in to pour out a furious grumbling upon Margaret.

He came opposite, lurched almost on them, touched them with a groping hand and passed, grumbling.

In the afternoon, Dangerfield returned to the portrait of Mr. Cornelius, always grumbling, always dissatisfied.

The drowsy travellers gathered themselves up; and elbowing and grumbling, rushed out.

He did not allow his voice to express his exultation, but spoke in his usual harsh, grumbling tones.

He entered the stable grumbling, found everything in order, and came out furious.