Grump [noun]

Definition of Grump:

cranky person

Synonyms of Grump:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grump:


Sentence/Example of Grump:

Early on, you’re asked to capture a walking hamburger, a grump who attacks you by knocking you up in the air if you’re in its way.

Alderman Grump beat a hasty retreat while the crowd set up a loud shout of derision—for he was universally hated and despised.

Now be it known that this Mr. Grump was one of the most arrant scoundrels that ever went unhung.

Every one started, and Grump's countenance did not gather amiability as he sneakingly noticed the general distrust.

The good-natured Bozen was for drinking Grump's health at once, but the colonel demurred.

The moments flew by, and still the two men remained in the same positions, the Pet apparently fast asleep, and Grump wide awake.

At the end of the sixth game after dark he made his way to Grump's hut and quietly located himself at the same crack as before.

Suddenly Grump arose, looked down at the sleeping youth, and then knelt beside him.

The colonel pondered over the prophecy, and finally determined on another vigil outside Grump's hut.

Grump himself was sitting on a fragment of stone, staring into the fire, with his face in his hands.