Grunt [verb]

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During this time, bull elk vie for the attention of cows, piercing the mountain air with their signature bugles, grunts, chuckles, and screams.

As Amanda Stent, an NLP expert for financial news and information service Bloomberg, explained, technologies like BERT are important because they remove a lot of the grunt work required to train a language model from scratch.

That’s when they saw there was an opportunity here to build a tool to track all of this information in one place and connect it to Salesforce to automate a lot of this grunt work.

The good news is that developing a successful digital marketing strategy is possible, and it doesn’t have to take grunt work or cost you more than a cup of coffee a day.

When Palantir built a new software platform, Foundry, in 2016, the company cut costs by automating much of the grunt work and said it reduced time to set up customers from months to days.

Mics will pick up every grunt, every sneaker squeak, every fruitless appeal to the referees.

The noise of his slumbers culminated in a sudden, choking grunt, and abruptly ceased.

You must imagine this sound as something between a grunt and a groan, that the estimable lady gave vent to whenever put out.

His next line—'To grunt and sweat under a weary life'—resembles ll.

Up went the monster with a grunt, and a peculiar rigidity of body, which evidently betokened horror at his situation.