Grunted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Grunted:

The stout brigadier grunted an assent and rolled monumentally down the Avenue.

It struck me that he was uncommonly philosophical about it, so I merely grunted and went on with my dinner.

"Blamed if they ain't got company, from the look uh things," he grunted, squinting down.

The porker grunted her displeasure, and Patrick did some grunting, too; but he was not easily scarednor would he be shaken off.

"Humph," grunted Grace, unsympathetically, as she prepared to climb into her berth again.

"Shut up," Big Sid grunted his way again and walked past the bowl in the corner of the cell.

"Huh," grunted Mollie, as she flung herself upon Old Nick's back and patted him soothingly.

Bud grunted, pulled an empty box toward him by the simple expedient of hooking his toes behind the corner, and sat down.

Squatting on his haunches he wrenched a large tobacco-wad from a black plug, then leaned over towards his neighbour and grunted.

Mr. Read grunted to her formal bow, and Josephine said "the coffee was cold—it had been on the table so long."