Guarantees [noun]

Definition of Guarantees:

pledge, promise

Synonyms of Guarantees:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guarantees:

Sentence/Example of Guarantees:

Of general professions of loyalty the Earl was lavish enough, but when it came to material guarantees there was less compliance.

And who guarantees that many more will not yield to the attraction, that you consider irresistible, and will not go along?

The Constitution and its guarantees are our birthright, and I am ready to enforce that inalienable right to the last extent.

Ang pyansadur pagadur, The one who guarantees winds up paying the debt.

With the increase of population new guarantees were required to secure purity of suffrage.

Pat always won and as the practice continued he began to demand new guarantees of success.

Your rights may be few, but the law guarantees their observance.

The humblest worker can afford to join an association that guarantees a home and an education to his children.

He would soon be able, by his personal authority, to secure to "the religion" the largest guarantees.

This important assembly resolved to accept no peace unless based upon equitable terms and secured by ample guarantees.