Guardedly [adverb]

Definition of Guardedly:


Synonyms of Guardedly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guardedly:


Sentence/Example of Guardedly:

They were waiting at a corner for a break in the street traffic, and he turned toward her guardedly.

"One will do, Frank; and another thing," the ranchman said guardedly.

There was no answer, but the efforts on the outside ceased for a minute, to be resumed more guardedly than at first.

"Let your auspicious mouth be widely opened," replied Lao Ting guardedly.

But the story of Mrs. So-and-so's indiscretion while still Miss Such-and-such must be talked of more guardedly.

The manners of the time suggested distrust on all sides, and I answered, guardedly, that I had some intention of visiting England.

She chose her lovers guardedly and with subtle taste, beginning after mature deliberation with one who pleased her greatly.

Travel creeps guardedly, fearfully in, only to turn and creep still more fearfully out.

"There's much in what you say," returned the general manager, guardedly.

"I hardly know how to understand Your Eminence," he said guardedly.