Guardians [noun]

Definition of Guardians:

keeper, protector

Synonyms of Guardians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guardians:


Sentence/Example of Guardians:

Most self-identify with what sociologist Jane Jacobs in “Systems of Survival” described as part of the “guardian culture” of a society.

Legally, they need a parent or guardian to open a custodial account under their name.

My dad was my guardian on set and I was the youngest, and I know they were probably a little scared of him.

Schools need a coordinated vaccination plan so that staff, students, parents, guardians and household members who are essential workers or elderly have timely and accessible vaccination opportunities.

Each thought of itself to be the guardians of the nation and the true “revolutionaries.”

In 22 US cities, the term “pet owner” has been replaced with “guardian” in municipal codes, and pet supply companies routinely use the term “pet parents” in their marketing.

They were the true guardians of democracy, not the officials whom voters had chosen for the job.

The Court also created a guardianship body to serve as the voice of the river, just as a child might have a legal guardian.

Natural history museums are the guardians of specimens, ensuring their future availability to the scientific community on shelves, in libraries, and through curated online databases.

The younger one would say the guardian-angel prayer of my childhood.