Guardianship [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Guardianship:

It establishes a guardianship body to promote the river’s health and well-being and serve as its “human face.”

The news came as a surprise even though he worked as a court-appointed attorney in criminal and guardianship cases for many years.

He found there would be little difficulty in prevailing on Major Bridgenorth to entrust him with the guardianship of his daughter.

After it was passed, a deficiency relating to the rights of guardianship was discovered, and a supplement was added.

On the other he filled out and signed the decree granting guardianship to James Parsons, and approved the bond.

It was a somewhat awkward guardianship for him, as a lonely man, to carry out; still, it could be done.

Many girls are tyrannized over by their brothers, who are often exacting, claiming the guardianship which belongs only to parents.

But he had not imagined the proud lord's great-heartedness would go so far as to trust him with the guardianship of the boy.

Like my father, he was a widower: he had one child, the almost infant Juliet, who was left under my father's guardianship.

State guardianship became the battle cry of an important faction in the Workingmen's party in New York.