Guards [noun]

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A lineman was sent out to repair it under escort of civil guards, who were forced by the rebels to retire.

There are no chains to my prison, no steel cuffs to gall the limbs, no guards to threaten and cow me.

Don Diego beckoned two guards, who immediately drew near their prisoner.

They have a living faith in the potency of the Horse-Guards, and in the maxim that "Safe bind is sure find."

The troops invading France were palpably no more than the advanced guards of Prussia and Austria.

For his services on the Nive as commander of the first brigade of guards, he received a medal.

"How that fire passed the guards I don't know, but there will be time to find out later," he said to Dane.

Riots commenced in Paris between the Carlists and republicans united, and the National guards.

Of course, the smoke-signals, passed along by Dangerfield's chain of guards, were responsible for Matt's predicament.

At the end of the stone bridge, at the ponte dos tres pontes, next to Recife, the guards are more numerous and strict.