Guerdon [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Guerdon:

If the damsel smiled Once in seven years only, All their wanderings dreary Ample guerdon knew.

Should it be his sacred majesty's pleasure that I succeed Moley, a post of honour shall be the guerdon of your bravery.

With what face darest thou ask any guerdon beyond my sparing thy worthless life?

It ended in a summons to come to the stand and be acclaimed Beautye and receive Beautyes guerdon.

Many a slave who fought bravely with freedom before him as his guerdon then gained equality with his master in the grave.

One twilight the dogmen came forth as usual at their Circes' pleading, guerdon, or crack of the whip.

"I fought for thee at Northallerton, and therefore must have some domain for my guerdon," said another.

And so forthwith he made Lanarote a knight, giving him a rich guerdon, according as his deserts and his excellence required.

He has the sense of form which we feel to be the final guerdon of Greek endeavor.

Have you any objection to entering the lists against me, the winner of course claiming whatever guerdon he or she may desire?