Guerillas [noun]

Definition of Guerillas:

person who breaks the law

Synonyms of Guerillas:

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Sentence/Example of Guerillas:

The volunteers and guerilla battalions were consequently disbanded, not a day too soon for the tranquillity of the city.

He started a guerilla campaign against the obsession with the aid of the brandy bottle.

From this time the army of Don Carlos gained courage, and province after province was invaded by his guerilla chiefs.

The next service of the squadron was in repressing guerilla outrages; and they took part in the small battle of Munfordsville.

He exaggerated their military value, just as he had always exaggerated the possibilities 118 of guerilla fighting in Italy.

"It will be just the work to suit us," the guerilla chief said.

He did not at all correspond with Terence's ideas of a guerilla chief.

Soon was to come the second and longer phase of the insurrection: that of the guerilla days.

Guerilla bands spread everywhere, sometimes serving in a so-called regular army, sometimes behaving as brigands.

Yes, he was accused of violating the rules of war as a guerilla raider in the invasion of Pennsylvania.