Guesses [noun]

Definition of Guesses:

belief, speculation

Opposite/Antonyms of Guesses:

Sentence/Example of Guesses:

Little Catherine is his big sister, and a big sister is a little mother; she foresees, she guesses; she has the sacred instinct.

It might be a temple; it might be a hall for the transaction of public business; such were the diverse guesses of the travellers.

Now all this was much spoken of by men, and many were the guesses as to how things would go on the faring.

Each person in turn tries his hand; the distance he guesses is marked off on the table.

Left alone, he began to speculate perpetually about himself, to brood over anxious guesses.

How this is to end no one guesses, as to the provision that is to be made for him.

Looey smiles in a sad sort of a way, which he seldom smiled fur anything, and says he guesses he'll like the business.

He guesses again, and recklessly: "Dix dollars par semaine; you know—ten dol-lar ever-y week."

Where answer there was none, he aped the older men, whom he called "Masters," and made shift with more or less cynical guesses.

They are not the figures of any rabid Socialist making frenzied guesses.