Guessing [noun]

Definition of Guessing:


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Sentence/Example of Guessing:

And now, Fortunio seeing what was toward, and guessing Garnache's intentions, sought by a rush to force his way into the Chamber.

In Diana, Wilding had—though he was far from guessing it—an entirely exceptional ally.

Coronado observed the scene, and guessing how perilous the moment was, pushed forward his uncle to say good-by to Clara.

"Certainly," returned that far-sighted woman, guessing what the family matters might be, and approving them.

"My captain won't keep me guessing long, if he's really displeased," reflected Hal, with an inward quiver.

"The use of the light might save the fellows on the other craft some guessing," smiled Lieutenant Hal.

Don't try to keep me guessing too long, or I may lose my patience, and you may lose some money that you'd rather have.

You might have felt you got a little nearer to him on guessing that in so peopled a circle satiety was never far from him.

I would have to say I am guessing that she hoped Lee would contribute.

"I do not see that we are likely to arrive at a conclusion by any amount of guessing," I remarked.