Guests [noun]

Definition of Guests:

person accommodated, given hospitality

Synonyms of Guests:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guests:

Sentence/Example of Guests:

When I had finished, the other guests had all gone out, but daylight was coming in, and I began to feel more at home.

Frulein Fichtner herself looked no ways dismayed at the number of her guests, though we had the air of coming to storm the house.

A dish of toads of the largest and most repulsive variety used to be offered one by one to the big man's relatives and guests.

And Flora devoutly kissed her, then gossipped pleasantly about the other guests and the people in the neighborhood.

When Yung Pak ate his meals, he sat upon a rug on the floor with his father and such male guests as might be in the house.

The guests relished it greatly and Alila's father was praised very much for surprising them with this dainty.

Here Gwynne kept his Blue Books and thought out his speeches, but it was not a favorite room with the guests.

Customers brought guests, and, in their turn, the guests became good customers.

How the poor creature smiled upon her guests as they arrived, whilst her wounded heart bled on!

Entertained a small party of Australian officers as my private guests for 48 hours, my idea being to give them a bit of a rest.