Guff [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Guff:

Angela Thomas got some guff from folks who envied her access after she posted the video of herself getting vaccinated.

"Now you are here, you must take supper with me," went on the Widow Guff.

He has discharged the housekeeper, and some say he is courting the Widow Guff.

Fred Guff says he wants to go to the city, too, but his mother won't let him.

You have been here long enough, I should guess from your talk, to get on to our American guff.

Those of us who drink from the flasks of the sages of dreamland become so intoxicated with guff we are a peril to everyone.

That guff about the memorandum in the Lake Station house, and the buried treasure, was a fine yarn for the marines.

Only I don't want you to think you can pull the noble patriotic guff on me.

He knew the Widow Guff as a person who took boarders in the town where he had sold his cow.

And with a deep uff-guff of pure delight, he settled himself in his cool bed for a comfortable nap.