Guffawing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Guffawing:

As she followed Mrs. Owen into the house Sylvia thought she heard suppressed guffawing in the stable.

"They reach to the ground, and yours don't reach any further," and then there was a general laugh, Jack Ness guffawing loudly.

Everybody laughed, the farmers guffawing in delight; and one small girl on the edge of the group who burst out, "Tehe-ee!"

He leaned halfway across the table, guffawing in the old man's face.

Why, we are guffawing this moment at the very recollection of the picture!

The gang were over the van, guffawing and flinging out the load.

In the little glossary at the end of the book goistering is explained as guffawing.

The tobacco-chewing, smiling, guffawing crowds of the street, and Peachtree Street jammed with people and cars!

If her handkerchief had caused such guffawing, what would happen when they saw her?

This is what Raskolnikov wanted: from within they could be heard laughing as they came in, still guffawing in the passage.