Guffaws [noun]

Definition of Guffaws:

burst of laughter

Synonyms of Guffaws:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guffaws:


Sentence/Example of Guffaws:

At this the crowd roared with laughter, and now was the first shade of good-nature mixed with the guffaw.

Then luckily somebody laughed; and a general guffaw saved the situation.

Politely veiled laughter greeted this sally, except from Dr. Wilson, who burst into an open guffaw.

Smith opened his head, and emitted as large a guffaw as he ever allowed himself to indulge in.

He gazed at Betty, then at the two dogs, uttered a light guffaw, and vanished round the corner.

It is not Georges Fourest burlesquing in a caf; Fourest's guffaw is magnificent, he is hardly satirical.

The three brothers sat with ruffled, sleepy appearance in their shirt-sleeves, giving a guffaw from time to time.

And Forbes, suddenly understanding what he had done, snickered too, and just managed to throttle down a loud guffaw.

The huge fellow went off into another loud guffaw till Jim stopped him.

A loud guffaw broke out on all sides, and was hushed at once, stifled by expectation.