Guided [verb]

Definition of Guided:

direct, lead

Synonyms of Guided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guided:

Sentence/Example of Guided:

Thus shall we see the destinies of this country guided under the orange and red flag.

But in doing this, the intention and power of selection guided by sound judgment at once asserted itself.

When the question comes before a court, it seeks after the intention of the parties, and is guided by it when ascertained.

And something within her seemed to tell her that in all that Ibrahim was doing he was guided by some very definite purpose.

Her ardor stimulated their zeal, and her well-stored mind and fascinating conversational eloquence guided their councils.

Guided by Divine teaching, the fearers of God adopt means for declaring His glory.

She had shared their principles; she had guided their measures, and she wished to participate in their doom.

Harry gave his brother the letter as soon as they were outside the house, and, while he read it, took his arm and guided him.

The water is no sooner gathered into a sheet than, guided by the slightest irregularities which it encounters, it begins to flow.

When guided by the sure hand of love and complete trust, self-knowledge could be a shining weapon.