Guideposts [noun]

Definition of Guideposts:

document with information; symbol

Synonyms of Guideposts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guideposts:


Sentence/Example of Guideposts:

If Vegas can be used as a guidepost, defense will matter — but not exactly in the way you might think.

That data will serve as a guidepost for which improvements should and can be made.

With a snort of disgust he hurled the deceitful guidepost into the ditch and joined the others.

All language can achieve is to act as a guidepost to the imagination enabling the reader to recreate the author's insight.

Peter blazed so that he seemed to tower like a long thin guidepost showing the way to anger.

About half a mile from the town a guidepost and two roads, to Edinburgh and Glasgow; we took the left-hand road, to Glasgow.

“Another guidepost to remember,” said Uncle 57 Teddy, and made them jot it down.

Then they walked to the angle of the roads where the guidepost stood.

General Grant was the guidepost of a victorious war, and a landmark of a magnanimous peace.