Guiding [verb]

Definition of Guiding:

direct, lead

Synonyms of Guiding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guiding:

Sentence/Example of Guiding:

It takes less than five minutes to set up, and this guide will help.

As the guides make lunch, the rest of us follow a path to a commanding view of the river as it meanders beneath the hulking sculpture of the high desert.

You can buy helpful guides to drill the holes, and most locksets come with clear instructions and a template that’ll help you make sure everything goes in the right place.

I moved in for a closer look at the only colugo I spotted before my guides.

As powerful as the models can be, they are an imperfect guide.

The woman — a volunteer guide working from home, as it turned out — broke the ice, joking, “I feel like I should have a mask on.”

This past weekend, the Philadelphia Inquirer launched a digital version of its annual dining guide, “Let’s Eat, Philly!”

Here, then, is a comprehensive guide to navigating all the ins and outs of eating in Costa Rica.

She presents herself as the very personable guide to a species that has an outsize presence in the world of western conservation.

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