Guileful [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Guileful:

She was preternaturally animated and demonstrative at the station—your sex's little guileful way ever since the world began.

Loki became guileful from that wicked woman; thence in the world are all giantesses come.

There drank the courtiers wine in their Valhall—but the guileful ones silence kept—the Huns' wrath they feared.

And now will I do so no more, lest I become a guileful woman, with nought good in me save the fairness of my body.

As he outlined his guileful proposition the scowls of his listeners gave way to grins of full approval and admiration.

He was the son of Bolverk, the son of Eyjolf the guileful, of Otterdale.

Then turning her face from me, I have not patience, O thou guileful betrayer, to look upon thee!

And, for a profound, devious and guileful politician you shall find none to match his Highness.'

Never to behold my face again, nor utter with those guileful and polluted lips the name of my daughter.

The Elector enraged, and would have taken action, but that the guileful Countess curbed him.