Guileless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Guileless:

Ada is guileless and candid with a natural storytelling manner that’s immediately engaging.

As guileless, though as self-reliant, gentlewomen as sequestered England could produce.

In spite of her sharpened wits, Mrs. Kaye smiled radiantly into Isabel's guileless eyes.

He was thirty but looked little over twenty, and his large limpid blue eyes were as guileless as a child's.

The guileless Connie saw a pink mass in the dim shadows opposite her.

The leopards came and sat near the houses as guileless as children; the boars snorted and ran into the rice fields to hide.

She rose with a smile to guide the young and guileless apprentice to conjugal arts through the labyrinth of her palace.

Verily, the Honorable Isaac had done much to encourage belief in the guileless that such were the facts.

Her innocent allusions to the past, her guileless confidence in himself, wrung his heart with shame and dismay.

The Grail vision had, then, taught the "guileless one" nothing.