Guilelessness [noun]

Definition of Guilelessness:

harmlessness, naiveté

Opposite/Antonyms of Guilelessness:

Sentence/Example of Guilelessness:

Perhaps the most beautiful element in his character was his perfect guilelessness and transparent truth.

To this guilelessness on their part must be attributed another strange method of defeating their evil designs on children.

He had never met guilelessness in the diplomatic game, save as a mask for treachery and deceit.

Little did her guilelessness conceive of the deep drama working beneath that fair outward show.

Some of them might be taken as models for innocence, simplicity, guilelessness.

She was a woman in keenness of feeling, a very child in guilelessness.

You are playing with me—revealing your wisdom from beneath a veil of infantile guilelessness.

The girl looked so candid, so flowerlike in her guilelessness, that the thought seemed a pollution.

The lawyers of Serjeants' Inn, no doubt, unite the wisdom of the serpent with the guilelessness of the dove.

For days she had studied him as through microscopic lenses; his guilelessness was real.