Guiltless [adjective]

Definition of Guiltless:

blameless, not responsible

Synonyms of Guiltless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guiltless:

Sentence/Example of Guiltless:

But he does the very opposite if it is a matter not to his taste, even though the prisoners be guiltless.

They trust that, under the direction of Divine Providence, he has been able to prove himself guiltless of them all.

The insidious servant becomes a tyrannical master; the housebreaker is innocent, the horse thief guiltless in comparison.

Of his promotion he knows nothing; of prizes he is guiltless.

Nations that have not yet heard the gospel, are not guiltless for not Covenanting.

No further proof is needed that this reviewer was guiltless of any knowledge of Shandy beyond the title.

To minds guiltless of inductive reasoning an accidental coincidence is a sure proof of cause and effect.

Pillowed on their guiltless breast, Like a warm and living nest; They seem to draw an early sense, Of purity and innocence.

His salary is the same, whether he succeeds in hanging a guiltless unfortunate or not.

When the first moments of surprise were over, the Grand Master pronounced the maiden free and guiltless.