Gulled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gulled:

One of the problems they had at JFK was an overpopulation of gulls.

On this occasion, however, the tug appeared somewhat late on the scene, and hailed the Gull.

The drama, as far as the Gull-Light was concerned, ended that night with the disappearance of the tug and lifeboat.

The mate and men rushed on deck in time to see a large ship pass close to the bow of the Gull.

Little more than an hour before midnight another craft was observed driving down on the hawse of the Gull.

Meanwhile the sun went down, and the lanterns of the Goodwin, the Gull, and the South sandhead floating lights went up.

It was down among some islands that lay out of the much travelled part of the bay, and not far from the Gull Island Thoroughfare.

Hoveton little Broad is a breeding-place of the black-headed gull, which nest here in great numbers.

Gold speculators improved every occasion to gull the public by false news.

Both boat and ship had vanished under the waves, leaving no trace behind but a gull on the wing.