Gullibility [noun]

Definition of Gullibility:

harmlessness, naiveté

Opposite/Antonyms of Gullibility:

Sentence/Example of Gullibility:

As such, it would be, in any case, a large tax upon the gullibility of readers outside the back streets of Paris.

John Bull, thy gullibility has, for above half a century, been more than proverbial!

Accordingly, we rose and left the field to those whose greater gullibility rendered them more plastic objects for working upon.

Providence never designed him to be above two-and-twenty, by his thoughtlessness and gullibility.

She raised her eyes furtively toward the adversary, an appraising glance, as if to judge his gullibility.

At times she flamed out in anger against his weakness, his business failures, his boyish gullibility.

A fuller investigation exposed to the sapient experience of that able man the gullibility of the inspector.

It is but another instance of the astute methods of company promoters and the gullibility of the British shareholder.

I found them, even at sixteen, too involved and mystifying to take them in with quite the simple gullibility that is necessary.

Wratislaw pulled down his eyebrows and proceeded to defend a Scottish constituency against the libel of gullibility.