Gummed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gummed:

Several of them were letters evidently written on that last night, gummed down, and stamped ready for the post.

Instantly it split, showing the gummed red seeds clinging to the inner walls of the sensitive pod.

Using a gummed label with the name written on it has been tried, but the labels frequently come off.

This is a large rectangular seal 71 by 39 mm., in the form of an adhesive stamp duly gummed and perforated.

It will be useless to apply for gummed stamps or for official stamps with the word "Specimen" omitted.

Notwithstanding the circular some of them at least were sent out by the department gummed.

But he paused on the brink of its gummed edge, looking over it at Rosalind, who was still engaged getting quite awake.

There was a swish in the water behind him, and toothless, hard-gummed jaws clamped tight over one leg and drew him back and under.

I tried to re-diaper a baby one night and got my ring finger gummed for my efforts.

This is gummed by rubbing balsam branches up and down the twine in the same way as the bear snare.