Gummy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gummy:

The bread continues to bake on the inside even after it’s been removed from the oven, and cutting it too early may result something gummy or rubbery.

Finally, let the chicken cook until the skin releases easily from the pan, a sign that it’s well browned and no longer as gummy.

Previously they were painted, and had a gummy, sticky influence rearwards upon peoples clothes.

The residue in the dish after evaporation was a tough reddish brown, gummy mass which could be drawn out into fine threads.

Further examination indicated the presence of salicylic acid, a gummy material, having the properties of tragacanth and glycerin.

Swiftly Tom stuck the sheet of paper up under the show window, fastening it with the gummy seals.

It ran for about four or five inches, where the pipe appeared to be sealed with the same gummy substance as at the other end.

Though the gummy heat of the monsoon made the little cabin a sweat box, he had not stopped to strip his rubber coat.

If glucose syrup is present a heavy gummy precipitate will soon form.

He could now pull a big saw through gummy logs and, as a rule, drive the shining ax-head where he wanted it to go.