Gunmen [noun]

Definition of Gunmen:

shooter of gun

Synonyms of Gunmen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gunmen:


Sentence/Example of Gunmen:

Some of the activity was on the political left, such as the gunman who opened fire at a baseball field in Virginia in 2017.

Three people are dead, including a 21-year-old gunman who fatally shot his father and a driver before shooting himself, authorities said.

Several unidentified gunmen fired at him as he was leaving his office for an iftar party.

Truth is, this drink-crazed madman was a hoodlum gunman from Chicago or Saint Louis, that had lost his nerve.

It was an absurd anticlimax to see that bold, bad gunman being jammed upright to keep him from falling in a heap.

No one was inclined to peep, and now the stage was set in a manner which seemed to satisfy the masked gunman.

The gunman backed to the outside door and flicked it open with one hand, never taking his eyes from me.

And Owen sat rigid when he saw the gunman look coldly at Randerson and clear his throat.

Randerson and Owen started toward the gunman, to determine how badly he had been hit; they were met by Blair.

Not having the knowledge possessed by Owen, the man guffawed loudly, indicating the gunman.