Gunner [noun]

Definition of Gunner:

shooter of gun

Synonyms of Gunner:

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Sentence/Example of Gunner:

The gunner, who sits on the seat behind the gun, points it and pulls the trigger.

The gunner's seat moved with the carriage, from which he could elevate or depress the muzzle by a lever.

He might be interested in some of this news, as he was a gunner, and it is all about shells, if ever I get home to tell him!

We being at anchor and within range, the Rebel gunner had made nice calculations.

Acting under the gunner's orders the crew rested on their oars a short distance beyond the place where the whale had sounded.

He nodded to the gunner and the reef points were quickly tied, thus enabling the three boats to keep together.

Twenty or thirty shells were wasted in this way before the gunner secured the range.

I am a gunner's wife and know how to load and fire a cannon.

I was continually afraid that the gunner, by some carelessness in the magazine, would blow her and all on board up into the air.

In the sea-fight off Minorca, in 1756, a gunner had his right hand shot off, just as he was going to fire off a gun.