Gunning [noun]

Definition of Gunning:

firing a weapon

Synonyms of Gunning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gunning:


Sentence/Example of Gunning:

Brodrick and the others had accepted the unique invitation, Laura Gunning provisionally.

Mr. Gunning looked about him, still alarmed, still surrounded as in his dream, by appalling presences.

There was a cupboard and an easy-chair for Mr. Gunning on one side of the fireplace next the window.

He could not write paragraphs for the papers (they wouldn't take his paragraphs), but he could talk to Mr. Gunning.

Addy Ranger took Mr. Gunning very tenderly by the arm and led him to the stairs to see her go.

And now they had to deal seriously with Mr. Gunning, who stood expectant, holding his hat and stick.

I have heard recently of a young girl in Shirley, who supports herself and her father by gunning.

I realise now that poetic material is not to be collected as a hunter goes gunning for game.

And my poor old father and I sometimes get a day's gunning in the garret.

But now apparently Gunning gave some sign, which Bradden then interpreted to the men outside.