Gurus [noun]

Definition of Gurus:

mentor, guide

Synonyms of Gurus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gurus:

Sentence/Example of Gurus:

The tenets of these early Gurus chimed in with the liberal sentiments of Akbar, and he treated them kindly.

And who shall deny some of these gurus a supernatural power?

Presently from the temple came the gurus or priests, bearing the idol.

The priests, the real rulers of Asia; the wise and patient gurus, who held the most compelling of all scepters, superstition!

For there could be but one interpretation to this act on the part of the gurus: the gods had denied the people.

The Aghori gurus keep dogs, which may be of any colour, and are said to be maintained for purposes of protection.

The dogs are not all pariahs of the streets, although some gurus are followed by three or four when on pilgrimage.

While the gurus are stewing it over, the Denebians could have prepared this shipment here—whatever it is—for departure.

As for the rest, it's indoors and away from the mental influence of the gurus, or off Ophiuchus entirely.

Sometimes, if the head priest of the sect was present, he would nominate the favoured men, who were known as gurus.