Gutted [verb]

Definition of Gutted:

clean out, strip

Synonyms of Gutted:

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Sentence/Example of Gutted:

Later had come lean and bitter years until finally his reputation dwindled like a gutted candle in a wintry room at midnight.

The District Headquarters building, gutted, was glowing like an abandoned fireplace.

The house was completely gutted, and the contents burned in bonfires kindled in the square.

London was on his side; the mob gutted Palliser's house and broke the windows of the admiralty and of some official residences.

One farm I found absolutely gutted save for a great and old Bible which stood upon a table in the largest room.

The invader had destroyed property in the most ruthless manner, and the buildings were gutted.

Back at the plant rumor had it that the machines were permanently gutted, and that the plant could never go back into production.

They gutted churches, they demolished chapels, they overthrew road-side crosses wherever they found them.

Rupert, his son, was but a penniless hanger-on at the royal court; the manor of Lorne a fire-gutted wreckage.

Inside the town there are many signs of the devastation of war—buildings gutted, whole streets of small houses laid flat in ruins.