Guttersnipe [noun]

Definition of Guttersnipe:

person who is poor, tattered

Synonyms of Guttersnipe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guttersnipe:

Sentence/Example of Guttersnipe:

In one way or the other, the guttersnipe must have his proper prominence.

The Humanitarian Hero had not come into fashion—nor yet the guttersnipe.

You wait—I shant—forget, you—squat-nosed—little—guttersnipe.

I'm a spiritual guttersnipe in love with unimaginable goddesses.

His studies of the London “guttersnipe” and the coster-girl rapidly made him famous.

What would the guttersnipe have learnt as a graduate, except to embrace a Saxon because he was the other half of an Anglo-Saxon?

Dick, an Abbeville guttersnipe, was therefore admitted to the refinements of the general's table.

When it was over, the little guttersnipe went to meet the big Olympian.

But—who in all his life ever before saw a guttersnipe with eyes so lacking in cunning and roguery?

He aimed a blow at the guttersnipe's head, but missed it and fell full length.