Gutting [verb]

Definition of Gutting:

clean out, strip

Synonyms of Gutting:

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Sentence/Example of Gutting:

Scientists have fished plastic fibers and fragments from the guts of critters dwelling in ocean trenches around the Pacific Rim.

The response we have seen from survivors has been gut wrenching.

If a pathogen does manage to breach that barrier, the researchers say, the immune cells trained in the gut are ready to attack by producing a battalion of antibodies.

How to clean a dishwasherHard water can do a number on your dishwasher—mineral residue can build up in the guts of the machine, and even clog them.

Amy understands at a gut level how difficult it can be to find the right services for a person with a disability, to find the best educational fit, to find a college program that will educate her bright yet childlike daughter.

Last year, the Raspberry Pi 4 hit the market, promising all the essential guts that make up a surprisingly powerful computer for just $35.

They also checked each amphipod’s gut, looking for swallowed plastic.

Instead, Millie Johnson remembered seeing a stranger walk up the dusty road to her house weeks later, knowing in her gut that this was the bad news she suspected was coming.

Another major problem, confirmation bias, describes our strong preference to look only for information that already supports our preexisting beliefs and gut feelings, and ignore data that doesn’t.

It’s important that Halperin’s new study confirms that your gut feeling that you’re getting close to failure is a reliable way of stopping a rep or two before it happens.