Gutty [adjective]

Definition of Gutty:

reckless, daring

Synonyms of Gutty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gutty:

Sentence/Example of Gutty:

They were "gutty" balls, mind, which did not fly away off the irons like the rubber-cores.

Bunkers that were once quite deep in the old days of the gutty are in too many cases shallow and useless under the new conditions.

This was good work for a lady, especially as I rather fancy she must have been using the gutty ball at that time.

Certainly the score with which the championship was won was phenomenally low for those days of gutty balls.

With a gutty ball it was really a fine long, slashing carry, and to play short was sometimes the better part of valour.

There were more short drivers than there are now, in the days of the solid "gutty" ball.

Never have I driven so well as I did with the old gutty in America in that year.