Guv [noun]

Definition of Guv:

person administrating government

Synonyms of Guv:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guv:

Sentence/Example of Guv:

Mr Blake, thin—Mr Blake, darlint—doesn't ye remimber the promise you guv me?

Then back he comes with the apoarthecary—him with the red light—and they rips the guv'nor's sleeves up, spilin' his coat.

So I runs up a parsage, and in the middle of the parsage I tumbles over the guv'nor lyin' acrost the parsage.

It's no good torkin' perlitely to 'em, guv'nor; you touch some on 'em up with your umberella.

That Missionary was like a billy-goat, ready to take anything you guv him, from a gold-mine to a empty tin tomato can.

Thar was twenty-five thousand in that flower-box he guv to Jamie and the Little Lady; and this makes ten more.

The guv'nor seems to have got me elected to the County Club; he rather favours my trying to get a bedroom there.

Their own docther guv him up an said mortal man couldn't save him nohow, so he jest hed to come to me.

"That's w'ere we differ, guv'nor," said Mr. Rabbit impudently.

"I ain't so sure as you've put that boot on the right leg, guv'nor," he said.