Guys [noun]

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Guys was not what is properly called an artist, but he had the particular gift of sketching the chief points of things rapidly.

Talent of this kind could not but charm Baudelaire, who, in effect, greatly esteemed Guys.

The back guys are the most heavily strained part of the structure, the stress provided for being 1200 tons.

"Listen, you guys," Okie pounded his fat finger into Sartan's chest.

"You guys hold on and don't drink up yet," growled the barkeep.

I'm not one of these 'turn the other cheek' guys; you can gamble on that!

There were guys of all sizes, mostly young, some armored, some not.

"Don't fight, guys—we've got to figure on training, too," Ramos laughed.

We like guys with talent who get out here by their own efforts.

A wooden derrick (D), provided with topping lift and guys, was mounted on the foremast by means of a band and goose-neck.