Gyrations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gyrations:

Now that the air impelled returns unto its place in a gyration or whirling, is evident from the Atoms or Motes in the Sun.

Then it gives a wild yelp, as in one gyration it shoots upwards, and screams round the crag.

But then, making a discursive gyration round a point is not leaving it—and there you're wrong.

At B is seen a conical roller, having the middle of the bottom of the tub for its summit and centre of gyration.

I mean a sense of gigantic gyration, as of the whole earth turning about one's head.

He had been caught in a vortex and was being whirled on with a velocity of advance and gyration which made him giddy and sick.

The fingers themselves, provided they are very clean, have no power to stop the gyration.

If agreeable, I will now show you gyration 2d, or position No. 3.

But at bottom the story told here is the same -- creation by gyration!

He sees them sailing in spiral curves, descending at each gyration, slowly but surely stooping lower, and coming nearer.