Gyratory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gyratory:

He represents the agitation of the lodge to be due to currents of air, having the irregular and gyratory power of a whirlwind.

Pot′-holes, holes in the beds of rapid streams, made by an eddying current of water, which gives the stones a gyratory motion.

There is no precise estimate of the velocity of the gyratory motion.

This impressed motion will be converted into circulatory or gyratory motion.

They were forced to be passive; there was no means of preventing this gyratory motion.

Storms are now admitted by all seamen to be gyratory, as we have seen.

Let us then go on to the cases in which we have proof of such gyratory motions in the stars; for such are not wanting.

The motion is described as “gyratory,” and the anterior end is always carried foremost.

A vast basin has been thus formed, in which the sweep of the river prolongs itself in gyratory currents.

Two motions are usually visible, one ascending one near the earth and in the middle, and a gyratory one around the other.