Habitation [noun]

Definition of Habitation:

living place

Synonyms of Habitation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Habitation:


Sentence/Example of Habitation:

Commenons, comme l'on dict, de chez nous, de la maison et habitation; puis nous sortirons dehors.

Et au partir de l tira ledit Sieur au Port Royal lieu de son habitation.

It would not have been an unsightly spot if the marks of the habitation of poor and careless folk had been wiped away.

And Asor shall be a habitation for dragons, desolate for ever: no man shall abide there, nor son of man inhabit it.

I have, therefore, thought it expedient to enliven with paintings the whole habitation of the saint.

The discovery of fire and the invention of clothing and habitation were not enough to insure man's preservation.

Being civilized, we instinctively knew the way out of the jungle to human habitation.

Thou, O Lord of all things, who wantest nothing, wast pleased that the temple of thy habitation should be amongst us.

There was not a human habitation in sight—only antelope and buffalo to vary the monotony of perfect solitude.

The particular enters into all sorts of things, and it has even a local habitation and a name in religion.