Habitations [noun]

Definition of Habitations:

place where someone resides

Opposite/Antonyms of Habitations:


Sentence/Example of Habitations:

The habitations of the poor are less wretched than those of Italy, but not equal to those of the fertile portion of Switzerland.

Now, as you know, by far the greater part of the land is well cultivated and thickly covered with habitations.

This strip of land from ocean to ocean abounded in disease-breeding swamps and filthy habitations unfit for human beings.

Their habitations, aside from the mere leaf shelters, had probably a similar origin.

I could not understand the convenience or necessity for these kind of habitations.

And with their many-creviced walls they were just the type of habitations which appealed most strongly to the merpeople.

You imagine the ghosts of Terry's Thelemites moving noiselessly there, passing to and from their non-existent habitations.

And these habitations likewise shall be razed to the ground.

It contains fifty-one miserable huts, which are the habitations of about two hundred Indians.

Sir John now lives at Windsor, in one of the habitations appropriated to reduced gentlemen of his description.