Habits [noun]

Definition of Habits:

tendency, practice

Opposite/Antonyms of Habits:

Sentence/Example of Habits:

This artist is, sui generis, a daughter of the people, of unconventional tastes and habits.

I found that I had been allowed to acquire certain bad habits and besetting sins—most people do.

He is a hypochondriac now and would keep a close watch on his heir's health and habits; you may be sure of that.

We were much alike in our tastes and habits, yet there was enough of difference between us to impart a relish to our friendship.

I was perfectly amazed to see how many little ugly habits I had to correct of which I had not been the least aware.

Certainly in that year I learned much and acquired from my chief business habits which have stood me in good stead since.

You cannot all at once eradicate the deep-rooted customs and habits of any people, whoever they may be.

From all the accounts that have come down to us, he seems to have been a man of irregular habits and eccentric genius.

He wrote of the City of Mexico, the buildings, the people and their habits, the conditions of life which he found there.

A country squire introduced his baboon, in clerical habits, to say grace.