Habituating [verb]

Definition of Habituating:

prepare, accustom

Synonyms of Habituating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Habituating:

Sentence/Example of Habituating:

By keeping marquee films coming to homes first for another year, the shift could further habituate Americans to getting their entertainment at home instead of in theaters.

There's no actual face there, but your brain is habituated to find patterns like that.

In order, however, to habituate them to a passive obedience, an ostensible purpose had to be held out.

Still others habituate themselves to some manner of tone-production, and neither increase nor diminish the degree of stiffness.

He should habituate himself to bend easily to the various circumstances which may from time to time surround him.

By working them thus alternately, while they are fresh and full of spirits, you will habituate them to implicit obedience.

It is a barren superfluity, to which those who can hardly procure what nature requires, cannot prudently habituate themselves.

She was not aware that her father was endeavoring to habituate her mind to the permanence of Sarella's connection with herself.

Now he began to habituate himself forcibly to doubt in order to be patient and not to explode.

Mrs. Shortman pursed her lips; she found it impossible to habituate herself to Gregory's habit of joking.