Habituation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Habituation:

The most important aspects of habituation may be summed up in the one word efficiency.

Now that we have shown the results of habituation let us consider additional illustrations.

Nailing shingles on a roof illustrates well the various aspects of habituation.

Even Mrs. Fenwick's habituation to her daughter's incisive method is no proof against this.

Other things being equal, the longer and more unbroken the habituation, the more legitimate is the canon of taste in question.

(I use the word "training" in the double sense of habituation and enlightenment).

Habituation to a rough, quick-action life had taught the Tyro to keep his wits, his temper, and his speech.

To Plato experience meant habituation, or the conservation of the net product of a lot of past chance trials.

He rubbed his old eyes, keen as they were from habituation to the blinding light of the desert.

In severe attacks, and with all due caution to avoid habituation, cocaine injections may be given.