Habitues [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Habitues:

The spirit of our time and of our country knows no such thing, but the habitue of "society" hears constantly of "a good family."

Time after time I have seen him committed to prison, until he became a hopeless prison habitue.

She was not such an habitue of the theatre as not to be intensely interested with what was enacted before her.

We got out our bacon and crackers and enjoyed a supper that no habitue of a Delmonico could have relished more.

Without being a habitue of the theater, I have enjoyed it from time to time all along my life-road.

He drove to Cirey's cafe in Regent Street, where he dismissed the driver of his hansom and strolled in with the air of an habitue.

Guido Ferrari was a constant habitue of the place, and I felt that I should find him there.

Especially, I would say, is this the attitude of the habitue of Montmartre.

The police are determined to raid one of our establishments: they adopt the course of tracking an habitue.

La nation est sauvage, vagabonde, mal habitue, rare et d'assez peu de gens.