Hack [noun]

Definition of Hack:

person who does easy work for money

Synonyms of Hack:

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Sentence/Example of Hack:

One of my favorite in-a-pinch hacks is to lock my bike to the metal of a few grocery carts, especially if there’s no good bike rack or post around.

Whether it’s been TikTok cheering on DogeCoin or a twenty-something hacking into high-profile Twitter accounts and asking for Bitcoin, 2020 might just be the year everyone from teens to nonagenarians learns about cryptocurrencies and digital money.

NSO declined to comment on the alleged WhatsApp hack, since it is still an active case.

A hack or leak could open citizens up to identity theft, fraud, or worse.

Targets in Morocco have reportedly experienced “network injection” hacks that raise no alarm, require no cooperation from the victim, and leave little trace.

One way to do more with less is to look for tools, tactics or even hacks that help you cut down time wasted and get more done, faster.

In order to avoid getting bogged down with data and numbers, there’s one content hack that will help your project resonate with your audience – a headline.

They have also hardened their quantum communication system against a variety of potential hacks that could sidestep the security of the quantum keys.

Very few websites seem to be taking advantage of this easy, yet incredibly, effective SEO hack.

Compared to first-generation neuromodulation, where the brain-tweaking gadget is surgically implanted into the brain, ultrasound offers a way to “hack” neural firings from the outside.